The AsteroidEdit

Hamish 817 is a class three asteroid, weighing in at 1.713 10E17 kg. The Average length of a day is thirty one hours long, and it has an orbital period of 2.1 earth years.


Hamish 817 was first discovered in the middle of the twenty first century, and scientists at the time theorized that due to the weak atmosphere and presence of water it may support life.

The first probe sent to Hamish 817 sends back data that the atmosphere is less than one percent oxygen and cannot support human life with assistance. In addition, all tests for life come up negative; Hamish 817 is all but forgotten.

After nearly two centuries of being ignored, Hamish 817 is considered for a terraforming program to help with overcrowding on earth. The first group of terraforming robots sent over successfully excavate one square kilometer of space in the asteroid and make it livable; Hamish is only the of two asteroids that were successfully terraformed at this time, the other being Onicsis 492. The first people arrive within ten years and begin expanding the livable area.

As the over population of earth increases, it seeks new locations for the gathering of resources. However, due to the constant bombardment by small asteroids this is initially unsuccessful. However, once Migration Engines and several massive Gravity Tethers are installed, the mining operations begin, with great success.

By the middle of the twenty fifth century Hamish 817 was the biggest of the many thriving mining colonies, reaching it's "golden age", having a peak production of thirty thousand tons of precious ores a week, harvested both from the inside of the asteroid and other asteroids kept in tow with the Gravity Tethers. However, as the Earth government slowly began aggressive recycling and efficiency programs the precious ores became less and less valuable, eventually collapsing the economy if all asteroid economies, excluding Onicis 492.

Eventually, Dr. Strauss created Durama an artificial intelligence designed to regulate all of the inter asteroid communication and technology. He was deployed with the hope that the asteroid economies could be saved by him.

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