Codename Livon

Early LifeEdit

Born to wealth eccentrics, Tiffany and John Martius, Léon was the first of four. At the age of seven he suffered from pneumonia and spent several days on the brink of death. Soon after his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. This bored him however, and he began to hide to escape attending, usually heading to a nearby city. During this time he often purchased 'toys'. One day however, he brought home some military grade explosives sold to him as giant firecrackers and after lighting them they started a fire in his house. Due to the relative isolation of the Martius estate, it took fire crews three hours to arrive. It was too late, the house was destroyed, the Martius fortune was gone and Léon was an orphan. This is where his life changed forever.


In the weeks following the incident, Léon had hidden from people surveying the wreckage and looters, and finally the now destroyed estate was at relative peace once again. Léon slept that night in the concrete basement where his parents had met their end. It was the following morning that he encountered a man by the name of Livon. Léon was offered an opportunity to become his apprentice, and having nothing left, Léon agreed to become Livon's apprentice.


After training under Livon for five years it was decided that it was time for Léon to put some of his combat training to test, and he started work as a mercenary. This work allowed him to train further in actual combat. He quickly proved himself to be an effective mercenary, with the assistance of his master. It was at this time that he was approached by Weth with a mission. Léon accepted, and departed on the mission with the help of both Weth and his master. During it, he saved Weth's life. It was after this that Weth suggested that him, Léon and Livon form Volks.

The Onicsis DisasterEdit

After the mercenary business began to dry up with a renewed peace on Earth, Weth and Léon decided it would be best to move their base of operations to Onicsis. Tragically, soon after being turned on Durama activated hundreds of Mk, IV battleroids around the asteroid, and ordered them to kill everyone. Volks, which had grown significantly in size by this time, was attacked quickly. Léon's master fell defending him, and this was the only time Léon witnessed the technique of flame. Léon's master was one of the many casualties from Volks. It was at this time that Léon assumed the name of Livon.


Livon now lives on the space station, in the new Volks headquarters. He has earned a significant amount of credits doing mercenary jobs down on earth, and spends nearly every credit he has attempting to discover his own 'Technique of flame'. Recently he has shifted his goals to killing Bernard Strauss.

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