Codename Roth


Born off of planet in the year 2592, Tim Rothamm lived a relatively normal life on the colony of Thermoylae. When it was discovered that he was significantly intelligent he was saved from a job in mining by his father's moderate wealth. He managed to get a full education from the only school on the asteroid. After a rather successful education he was one of the first students in the newly opened Onicsis University. He took a great interest in Philosophy. However, the great costs of putting him through school had taken its toll upon his father, who could no longer afford to pay for his education. Initially, Tim payed for his education by taking a job in the mines, the very thing he hoped to avoid by getting a proper education. It soon became too much for him and he suffered a mental breakdown a month after starting the work.


After quitting his job at the mine he, by chance, stumbled upon an escaped experiment. The experiment had escaped from a Dr. Gregor's lab and when he returned it, he was offered a job as a lab aide. He accepted, happy to finally have a stable source of income. As Tim witnessed the boon that could be awarded by a minor genetic modifications he requested to take place in a clinical trial that was nearing completion. It was the final test for a Stock 40, which was shown to increase regeneration in mice. Of the thirty members of the group, Tim M. Rothamm was the one who suffered the most, dying of poisoning three days after the experiment. This should be where the story of Tim Rothamm ends.


Thirty days after his death, Tim Rothamm awoke in quarantine. His brain had been heavily damaged, and he was hardly sentient. He found his way into a nearby residential area, and caused a significant panic, everyone calling him a 'zombie'. A mercenary team arrived to retrieve him, under the guidance of one Stanislaus Braun. Soon after being returned to the Volks compound it was discovered that he was not undead, and it was decided by Dr. Braun to vent him into space. Luckily, he was saved by the leader of Volks, Weth whom trained him in combat.


Tim Rottham has gained back a small amount of his previous mental capacity, but still remains rather unintelligent. He is currently employed as a mercenary at Volks, and is one of Weth's favourite soldiers.

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