Weapons And Equipment Edit

A listing of all known (and some unknown) weapons and equipment used in XRPG.

Guns Edit

MA-75 Assault Rifle: A projectile class relic, that was once touted as an "Anti-Air, Anti-Armor, Anti-Just about every freakin thing" class weapon, designed in a joint venture between the famed manufacturer Helmut Von Astor and disgraced marine Erik Marco. It was a marvel of engineering; hexagonal stacking of the clip, allowed for 52 .75 caliber rounds to be loaded at once. Perhaps what gave it it's promise (As well as it's downfall) was the shape crafted muzzle, allowing the 52 bullets to leave the weapon in an entirely straight trajectory. The end result was a fully automatic "Elephant" gun, which could fire an excessive 300 rounds a minute, with a secondary function of firing a modified T-13 grenade. Unluckily for Helmut, every MA-75 produced had an improperly formed muzzle, this topped with the rapid degradation of the ammunition, and it's non-vacuum ready capabilities. The weapon saw a rapid decline, even after it's switch to the more slowly degrading .35 rounds. Even so, the over production of these weapons resulted in there being dozens of warehouses on earth packed full of these guns; it seems that even in the panic to escape the planet, nobody saw the merit's of this weapon.

Magnum Mega Class: A classic projectile weapon, many bearers of this weapon seem to agree that it packs a kick that just isn't matched (Though, rational individuals seem to disagree). It fires .44 rounds, and can easily pierce a half inch of steel.

WSTME Combat Shotgun: Originally designed and manufactured during the Thermopylae-Icarus war. Capable of semi auto fire, provided the wielder is capable of the complex reloading technique. However, it uses ammo a prodigal rate.

XMF-21 Mega Class: A strange grenade launcher. Taking the form of a Magnum Mega Class, the cylinder of bullets was replaced with a single grenade, adding not only compactness, but a kick memorably infamous for breaking a marine's elbow.

HandCannon: An obscenely powerful revolver, formerly used by Zagor before he disassembled it and threw the pieces into a volcano. Described as a .50 revolver in weapons reports, it was (unbeknownst to Zagor) actually an incrediblly rare .99 pistol. When Zagor asked the merchant he bought it from how much it would cost, the merchant memorably said: "What do you need that for, stranger? You goin' huntin' an elephant?"

Zagor remembers this weapon as the only weapon too powerful to use - and for good reason, as it broke his shoulder when he first fired it.

D-4 Defender: Once only a myth, a corporation finally perfected what had eluded scientists for so long - a infantry-portable railgun. Boasting a projectile speed of three times the speed of sound, this gun was overkill against anything but flying fortresses.

Armor Edit

Mjlnor MK IV Combat Armor: The Icarus Thermopylae war was brought to it's end by sevral hundred Mjlnor Mk. IV military cyborgs, all of whom were wearing a variation of this versatile armor. Though there are many designs for this combat armor, there are a few qualities shared by each set of this armor. Each suit was clad in a Tungsten-Chrome-Molybdenum compound, capable of maintaining solidity and integrity in excess of core temperatures; provided the bearer had the stamina, they could walk through the coolant of a ships engine, or molten stone alike. In addition to the fire "swimming" capacities of the suit, the strength of the bearer was by far augmented (With the exception of the Scout Permeation of the suit). In addition, each suit had a self concealed oxygen tank, that did not refill from ambient oxygen supplies, effectively avoid many of the lethal tank implosions and poison gasses that were common with the ambient replenishment designs. Each suit was also designed to syphon energy from open circuits, and power sources. Powering the automatic shielding system, and the cellular maintenance systems. However, that is where the similarity ends. The lighter permeations, such as the scout or assault variations used lighter armors and thinner metal plating; while the 'tank' and defensive permeations had heavy, nearly immobile suits and massive power intakes.

XR-001 ABA: Standing for XR-001 Advanced Ballistic Armour, this rare bodyplate was designed to withstand the pulse of a 20 megaton thermonuclear blast. It used a rare (but radioactive) metal to achieve this, and anybody who wore it died within a week from radiation poisoning.

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